Grant Request

In order for your 501 (c) (3) organization to be eligible for funding from STARS, please fill out the following form. STARS will keep this form on file and, when funds become available in your area, you will be contacted with an official RFP. Thank you for your interest and your mission!

Please supply your organization's full name.

Enter the full phone number, including the area code.

Please supply the Federal ID Number for your organization.

Please supply the mission statement of your organization.

Please supply the full name of your organization's executive director.

Please supply the organization's contact person as well as their title.

Please supply the contact person's email address.

Please explain the Target Population served by your organization.

Please supply the number of persons served/to be served.

Please provide the specific dollar amount you're requesting, and the intended purpose of it's use.


Please supply a specific dollar amount indicating your organization's total budget for the current fiscal year (also provide the start and end dates for your organization's fiscal year).


If applicable, please provide your total budget for this project.

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