For Victims

If you or someone you know has been a victim of a sexual assault, we believe the organizations at the bottom of this page can help. Please note: we are not the first line of defense or a crisis center.

If you’ve been a victim, get to a safe place first and please go to the Emergency Room of your local hospital, call a friend, call the Police, call 911 and get help immediately!

Whether or not you choose to bring criminal or civil charges, please have evidence collected. Many survivors forego a rape kit because they feel it will be painful or humiliating. You will be made as comfortable as possible. Ask for a SANE nurse - a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner - to accompany you during the exam. Some hospitals do not have SANE nurses, so please ask for a nurse to hold your hand during the exam. You may change your mind and that evidence will help your case tremendously. It will also help establish your attacker’s DNA in a national databank, should that rapist repeat the crime.

If you have been the victim of a sexual assault, try not to eat, drink, wash your hands, brush your teeth, urinate, douche or shower in the aftermath. If you must change your clothing, place the clothing you were wearing in a paper bag to keep the integrity of any DNA evidence. Photograph or have a hospital or friend photograph any physical injuries you have sustained. Use a camera phone to record your surroundings, if you can do so safely. Try to write down names, dates, times, places and any other information you can remember. Whether you choose to pursue criminal or civil remedy, these bits of evidence can help your case immensely. Please attempt to get to the hospital to have a “rape kit” done within 72 hours of your attack. However, DNA science now says that even up to five days after a rape, good evidence can still be collected. Act quickly. Here are some terrific resources on your road to help:


What You Should Know About Rape And Sexual Assault

National Sexual Assault Hotline
Confidential, 24/7 Help
1.800.656.HOPE (1.800.656.4673)

RAINN – Rape Abuse & Incest National Network
Can refer you to counseling centers in your area – an excellent resource

National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC)
Phone: 1.877.739.3895

Security on Campus (SOC)
For campus security and on-campus crime victims
Phone: 1.888.251.7959

It Happened to Alexa Foundation
This foundation assists rape victims’ families with travel expenses during litigation
Phone: 716.754.9105

The Joyful Heart Foundation
An excellent foundation - much thanks to Mariska, Chris, Stacey & Shaireen for opening my eyes to the work you do! Peace to all survivors!
Phone: 212.274.9892

Stop It Now
This organization has excellent resources for sex offenders
Phone: 1.888.PREVENT (1.888.773.8368)

Once again, the aftermath of sexual assault can be extraordinarily difficult. If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, fear or stress, please reach out to someone who can help.

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