Liz SeccuroLiz SeccuroThe U.S. Department of Justice reports that only 5% of all rapes are ever reported to law enforcement and of those, only 3% are adjudicated. Defense tactics, despite rape shield laws, tend to dissuade victims from going forward.

It's time to stop the silence. I founded STARS - Sisters Together Assisting Rape Survivors - in order to help fund programs to assist rape victims and their families as they go through the daunting task of getting justice and healing the mind, body and soul. Many of you know my story - I am a wife, a mother, an entrepreneur and a survivor. Please, help us to help those who need to heal. Come visit us often as we build a legacy of hope.

I dedicate this site to the men, women and children who have suffered the indignity and pain of sexual assault. Your courage inspires me daily. You walk through fire to be heard. I will speak for you when you are too tired to speak. You are not a victim - you are a survivor.

In response to all of you who would like a place to shout it out, we will be adding a "Survivors' Stories" section where anyone can anonymously submit their personal story with our approval. Also, we will be adding a blog. In the meantime, feel free to visit Liz's crime and justice blog at www.lizseccuro.blogspot.com. Speak out!

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